Reagent dosing machine (10 nozzles)

Reagent dosing machine (10 nozzles) post thumbnail

Application: Coagulant BCA dosing for blood collection tube.
• Italian pinch valve, 10 nozzles;
• Numerical pressure stabilizer, to ensure stable air pressure while dosing, for precision spraying volume;
• Refined atomizing nozzles for evenly spraying. Effect adjusted;
• Servo control, no reagent for 10mm from the tube top.
٧ Automatic cleaning for the nozzles
٧ Equipped with magnetic stirrer

Main Technical Parameters:
Production capacity 12,000 pcs/h
Tube size 0375mm; 013x100mm;


Dosage volume 20-50ul, ±15%
Power 1KW/AC220V
Air consumption 0.2m3/min
Overall dimension 800x1100x1500mm (LxWxH)