Floor-type Separation Gel Centrifuge

Floor-type Separation Gel Centrifuge post thumbnail

Application: for separation gel vacuum tube centrifuging, to remove the air bubbles
• With touch screen, for easier operation.
• Equipped with ac frequency motor, with high precision speed control, calculate the RCF value automatically.
• With unique vibration damper, with best shock-absorbing;
• With electronic lock, for better safety.

Main Technical Parameters:
Production capacity 013X75-1OOmm: 340pcs/time;

016X1OOmm: 148pcs/time;

Max. Speed 4000r/min
Max RCF 4390xg
Time controlling 0~99min
Power 0.6KW/AC220V
Overall dimension 78Ox65Ox8OOmm (LxWxH)